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- Easyclass.com is an online communication platform that enables any educator and moderator to share any sort of educational, informative and instructive content, information and document, as desired with their colleagues, co-workers, friends and students.

- Easyclass.com is not an educational service and by no means represents any warranty or undertakes any responsibility neither from the source, objectivity or correctness of any sort of information presented in the relevant lessons nor its educational or instructive purposes.

-Easyclass.com does not contribute, control or intervene to the nature, content or scope of the lessons presented within the website.

- Easyclass.com by no means warrants or guarantees attendance to the lessons or classes and does not implement any methods that will prioritize, promote or compel any attendance to any lesson or class.

- Any legal liability or obligation arising out of the lessons, lesson names and their content, class attendees and any documentation uploaded and presented within the lessons or classes belong to the relevant lesson educator or moderator.

Any legal liability or obligation arising out of any message, idea or opinion posted or shared through the discussion platforms or messaging interfaces within Easyclass.com belongs to the relevant exponent.


Setting Up User Accounts

Users are responsible for providing accurate information in setting up user accounts.

Accuracy of User information is of essential importance for utilizing member accounts as well as for the security and consistency of the system.

Easyclass.com reserves the right to block an account or delete the account with all its contents in the event any personal information is not provided in good faith, such information is false, indecent, immoral or a violation of any personal rights. Easyclass.com reserves the right to pursue any legal claim in the existence of claims based on any violation of personal rights claims.

Student users are not allowed to change their names and surnames once they are submitted.

User records are based on e-mail adresses provided by users. User defined names, surnames, nicks and avatars are not restricted or supervised. In the event of same or similar user names or nicks, user accounts will be distinguished with reference to e-mail adresses.

For the security and consistency of the system, educators, moderators, students and/or attendees are not allowed to deactivate or delete their accounts with all of its’ contents from the system. Users are required to contact the system administration for deleting user accounts. Easyclass.com reserves the right to delete the account and remove its’ contents or may refuse the request to delete the account in the event of usage in bad faith.


Lessons and Attendance

Any class or lesson within Easyclass.com can be created only by Educators or Lesson Moderators.

Lesson and Class Names as well as Lesson subjects and their content are to be designated by the relevant Educators or Moderators and such elements fall within their sole responsibility.

Lesson records within Easyclass.com are based on their Educator or Moderator and every lesson is appointed a seperate Lesson Code.  Lesson name, Subjects, Captions or Class  names are not restricted or supervised. In the event of same or similar Lesson or Class names or nicks, Lessons will be distinguished with reference to the Educator/Moderator and Lesson Code.

Attendance is only possible with the invitation from the Lesson Educator/Moderator or by requesting attendance with the Lesson Code. In any case, Educator/Moderators should confirm the attendance request to his/her Lesson. Educators and Moderators are free to decide the number and qualification of Attendees, Accept or refuse Attendance requests, invite Attendees to their lessons or to dismiss or accept Attendees as students. Easyclass.com makes no representations or warranties of any kind for promoting or enforcing attendance to any lesson of any kind and cannot enforce any acceptance on behalf of any Attendant to any Edcuator/Moderator.

For the security and consistency of the system, students and/or attendees are not allowed to leave classes or stop following lessons within their decision. Users and/or Attendees are required to contact the system administration for leaving classes or to stop following lessons. Easyclass.com reserves the right to dismiss the Sudent and/or Attendees from Lessons or may refuse such requests by the student and/or Attendee in the event of usage in bad faith.


Files and Sharing

All users within Easyclass.com are allowed to upload, store and share information, documents and data within the aim and scope of the lessons.

File size is limited by 25 MB max. for each file format. File sizes may vary based on file format or operating system. Easyclass.com reserves the right to change these quotas.

Allocated max storage capacity for each instructor user is 2 GB, for student user is 250Mb. Storage capacity may vary based on file format or operating system. Easyclass.com reserves the right to make modifications on these quotas.

Any legal liability or obligation arising out of any sort of data uploaded, stored or shared in the system belongs to the user. Easyclass.com does not advise and holds no liability from uploading, storing or sharing of any secret, personal or private information or data and makes no representations or warranties of any kind from any loss or damage to any uploaded, stored or shared information or data.


Links to Other Websites

Easyclass.com may contain links to websites other than our own. These links are provided solely for the convenience of Easyclass.com  website visitors by the Lesson Educators or Moderators. Easyclass.com does not control the content of these sites and assumes no responsibility for their content, nor should it be implied that Easyclass.com endorse or otherwise recommend such sites or the products or services offered through such sites.


No Warranties

Easyclass.com websites make no representations or warranties of any kind, express or implied, including but not limited to warranties of title or freedom from malicious programs (such as computer viruses, worms or Trojan horses) or implied warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose, with respect to www.easyclass.com website or its contents. Easyclass.com make every attempt to present error-free information on the www.easyclass.com website, however do not represent or warrant that the information contained on this website is accurate, complete, or up to date, that this site is free of defects or type errors, and that these defects or type errors will be remedied.


Limitation of Liability

In no event shall Easyclass.com or any of its affiliated entities or suppliers be liable for any actual, direct, indirect, special, punitive, incidental, exemplary or consequential damages, or any other damages whatsoever, even if Easyclass.com has been previously advised of the possibility of such damages, whether in an action under contract, negligence or under any other theory, arising our of or in connection with the use, inability to use, or performance of the information, services, products and materials available from the www.easyclass.com website.



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Applicable Law

Any claims and/or conflicts arising from international disputes will be governed by the provisions of the Digital Millenium Copyright Act.